NEW: PickCup golf ball retriever

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NEW: PickCup golf ball retriever
PickCup offers the best solution for problems resulting from the new R&A and USGA rules that flag sticks can remain in the hole during putting.

The new R&A and USGA rule that the flagstick can remain in the hole during putting has caused some issues. Retrieving the ball from the cup has become a challenge. Golfers have been trying to use their putter, their hands or they even pull the flag stick as quickly as possible hoping that the balls will come out automatically. Damaged hole edges are the dramatic result. PickCup, a unique invention from Pitchfix, eliminates all these issues. It easily attaches to all types of flag sticks. Once attached, the balls can gently and easily be taken out of the hole.

GOLFERS love not needing to bend over for their balls
COURSE MANAGERS love the holes being less damaged
COURSE OWNERS, MARSHALLS as well as GOLFERS love the improved pace of play as result of the new rule in combination with PickCup

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