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V-5 extension set Range Maxx
collector with twin baskets
Art. no. Description Quantity Price ex VAT Stock
RMACV5T V-5 extension set Range Maxx
collector with twin baskets
PCS € 1.239,00
Details Range Maxx® v-collectors may look similar to other products, but they are all of the highest quality level!

The frame is made of thick galvanised tubes. All the moving parts have grease nipples for easy maintenance and long life span.

Adding the V-5 extension to a new or old V-3 collector will extend the collecting width from 2.95 to 4.50 metres and will save a lot of time.

Can be extended later up to 7 collecting units
All parts are independently trailed, this makes the Range Maxx v-collector extremely fit even for heavily undulated areas
Capacity: approx. 650 balls per picking unit (3.250 balls in total for 5 collecting units)
Weight 5 collecting units: only approx. 175 kg
Discs: high impact molded plastic, exterior discs of polycarbonate 'unbreakable' material
Baskets: made of galvanised steel
V-5 extension set Range Maxx<br>collector with twin baskets